Ramachandra Abhilasha Partha, Vudrani, born 4690, father Naveen Partha, mother Shakuntala Abhilasha. in Solku, Katapesh. Family of the Atanapratta (Explorer) caste.

Ram was an accomplished survivalist in the wild when going on expeditions at a young age. Devout Irori follower. Best friend, Manu Vishnu of the Padaprajna (warrior) caste.


Married to Asha Partha, lives in modest house on the edge of the forest.


Average looks, brown skin brown eyes, black hair, walks purposefully without wasted movement, med/small build, a bit muscular . Darker skinned than most Vudrani. Clean beard, longer braided hair (note: beginning of game he would have been shaven clean, bald, no facial hair, his way of showing the loss).

Dresses in traditional Vudrani fashion, very well dressed but not flashy when out in the wilderness, colors still blend for woods/mountainous, has a few sets depending on environment, doesn’t particularly have set for the winters in Restov, dressed in heavy furs.


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