Titles Tarnished Jewel of the River Kingdoms
Land River Kingdoms
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Capital Pitax
Ruler King Castruccio Irovetti
Government Autocracy
Demonym Pitaxians
Adjective Pitaxian
Languages Taldane
Religions Calistria, Desna

Pitax (pronounced pih-TAHKS) is the domain of Castruccio Irovetti, a petty tyrant who fancies himself a god. Pitax is the name of his region within the River Kingdoms as well as the name of his capital city. It seems the River Kingdoms attract these sorts of deluded megalomaniacs, with the kingdom of Razmiran ruled over by the similarly deluded Razmir. The city of Pitax is filled with trashy art and bad sculpture, created by the masses of enslaved artists and poets that Irovetti maintains to massage his ego. The city suffers under Irovetti’s rule, as his arrogant reign has turned the nearby countries of Numeria and Brevoy against him, and alienated Pitax from potential sources of trade.

Settlements of Pitax
Mormouth, a hamlet with mixed loyalties between Pitax and Numeria.
Sarain, a town famous for fruit orchards and vineyards owned by the Liacenza family and for the Grand Tournament of Sarain.
Littletown, a small village located North-West of the city of Pitax.

The City of Pitax
Nation River Kingdoms
Region Pitax
Size Small City
Population 5,781
Demographics 5,600 humans; 100 half-elves; 40 dwarves; 41 other
Government Autocracy / Overlord
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Ruler Castruccio Irovetti


Kingmaker AlanJohnson