The Champions of Freehold

Once outsiders and runaways, the small group that would eventually be known as the Champions of Freehold were originally tasked with exploring the Greenbelt for the Swordlords.
After successfully defeating a dangerous bandit lord, the Swordlords gave the group the resources to start their own colony.

Deciding to use the opportunity to create a bastion of freedom and safety in the tumultuous River Kingdoms, they started the nation of Freehold. They have been defending it and it’s people ever since, and they are known throughout the River Kingdoms for their bravery and honor.

The Champions
Korjun, the Leader of Freehold. A shoanti mystic warrior with fire in his blood.
Ram, the Marshall of Freehold. A fearless vudrani ranger and woodsman.
Denea, the Grand Diplomat of Freehold. A young noblewoman from Brevoy and swordfighter without peer.
Nikolai, the Magister of Freehold. Disowned noble, marksman, scholar, naturalist, and alchemist; a man of many talents.
Barok, High Priest of Freehold. A priest of Abadar with truly ancient blood, he seeks to understand the contents of his patron’s vault.

Dimitri, Denea’s husband, bard, and the secret Spymaster of Freehold.
Trin, Barok’s wife. Enforcer of Freehold and champion of justice and order.
Oleg, the gruff and argumentative Treasurer of Freehold.
Svetlana, the kind and empathetic Speaker of Freehold, she is a nearly polar opposite of her husband.
Jhod, a reclusive priest of Erastil.
Lady Alma, a knight and the General of Freehold.
Roland Mathias, a knight and Warden of Freehold
Vanya, an old sorceress that claims to have fey blood.
Barden, Barok’s adopted father. High ranked Priest of Abadar in Absalom.
Anton Kairys, Nikolai’s apprentice and friend.

The Champions of Freehold

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