The Fall of Korjun

Deciding to pursue the Tiger Lords and their chief, Armag, the group departed Fort Drelev and headed north. In no condition to travel, let alone fight, Denea stayed behind. Eager to prove herself, and exact revenge for what the Tiger Lords had done to her town, Satinder went in her place.
Exploring the plains west of the Slough, Ram was able to track the barbarian’s movements. Following the tracks far to the north, the group found the Tiger Lord camp, nestled close to a cliff face. The group scouted the area, and found that there were only a dozen of the barbarians, as well as the captive women. They also found a cave entrance in the cliff face.
The group attacked at dusk the next day. The group rushed in, surprising the barbarians. The Tiger Lords fought back, but they were no match for the group. After a few seconds, however, a strange chanting was heard and two demons appeared, flanking Barok. Two women, dressed all in black, emerged from a tent. The battle then began to turn. Though the barbarians still were no match for the group, the women’s magic started to make up for it. The demon’s harried Barok and Nikolai, and the women used their magic to confuse and distract the others.
Then, one of them magically paralyzed Korjun, and one of the Tiger Lords took advantage of the opportunity. His axe nearly decapitated Korjun, and he fell, dead.
With the Tiger Lords nearly dead, the women, the Black Sisters of Gyronna, began to use their magic to confuse and befuddle the group. Ram and Nikolai couldn’t tell friend from foe. and the demons continued their assault.
Eventually, the group was able to kill the other priestess. After the battle, Barok ran up to Korjun’s body and teleported away.



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