The Death of Baron Drelev

After the Baron used the secret passage to escape, the group chased after him.
Fleeing into his mistresses bedchamber to rescue her, the Baron found himself near the balcony with the group close behind. His mistress, a young noble woman named Lady Quintessa, used a dimension door spell to travel down to the courtyard below. Dimitri summoned a celestial lion to pursue them, and Korjun and Ram jumped into the courtyard from the balcony. Barok used his magic to teleport down, while Nikolai stayed above to use his crossbow.
The Baron called for his giant’s to be released, and they flooded into the courtyard. The battle was pitched, but after some time, the giants and the Baron lay dead, and Lady Quintessa and the Baroness were captured.
In the aftermath, the town was liberated. The mercenaries were chased away (and many were killed by Satinder and her followers). Lord Numesti took control of the town, and began to establish order.
Lady Quintessa was interrogated, and after some threats and magic, it was revealed that she was in fact a spy, sent from Daggermark. She informed the group that she was sent to investigate Pitax’s relationship with Fort Drelev, and that she was no threat to Freehold. The group allowed her to leave, and she used magic to teleport away.
The following day, Lord Numesti hanged the Baroness and two traitorous guards. With Fort Drelev safe and stable, the group decided to travel north, to find the Tiger Lords.



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