Attack on the Baron's Keep

With Satinder’s help, the group used the secret tunnel beneath Fort Drelev to enter the Baron’s keep. Denea, still with child, stayed behind to help coordinate the eventual arrival of Freehold’s soldiers.
The group, along with Dimitri, navigated the tunnels and emerged in the keep’s dungeon. Inside, they found Terion Numesti, rotting away in a cell. They rescued him, and he escaped back into the town.
They continued to explore the keep, using the secret passages to navigate between the floors. They came across the Baron’s brother-in-law, the strange wizard they had been warned about, in his bedchamber. Catching him unaware, they attacked. He attempted to use magic to escape, but Barok countered his magic and stopped him. He was quickly killed.
Shortly after, the group came across the Baroness and her hand maiden. Quickly subduing the Baroness, the group was able to question her handmaiden. She told the group where they can find the Baron, and they continued up the stairs to his bedchamber.
Sneaking up the stairs, the group prepared their magic to face the Baron. Dimitri opened the door, surprised to see the Baron waiting for him on the other side. He stabbed Dimitri, mortally wounding him. Barok used a powerful scroll to stop his soul from leaving his body, and the group went into the bedchamber to face the Baron.
His personal body guards were also ready, and the group had to fight through their gauntlet to reach the Baron, who was darting into and out of the fray. When several of his guards had fallen, Drelev opened a secret passage within his room to escape.



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