Arriving in Fort Drelev

The group arrived in Fort Drelev. The town looked like it had been described; half abandoned and crawling with soldiers.
The group made contact with Satinder Morne, a priestess of Calistria and the owner of the town’s brothel, the Velvet Corner. She gave the group a room to stay in, and told them of a secret passage into the castle.
The group learned that the Baroness is holding a birthday day party soon, and made plans to infiltrate the castle then.
Waiting a few days, they were able to see the giant “guards.” They seemed to be let out at dark to roam the streets.
Denea, at this point clearly pregnant, was convinced to stay behind to meet the Freeholder soldiers that would be coming into the town. Dimitri volunteered to go in her place, and the group prepared for their infiltration…



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