The winter was very quiet in Freehold. The spring came, and it time again for Founder’s Day. The people seemed enthusiastic this year, and citizens from all over Freehold came to Tusk for the celebrations.
But the quiet was not to last. Days after the celebrations, Korjun received word that Tatzlford was under imminent threat from an attack.
The group, along with Lady Alma, Roland, and two of her knights, rushed to Tatzlford. There, they were met by Tanner. He introduced them to Kisandra Numesti, a woman that was traveling with the attackers.
The attack, she explained, was coming from Fort Drelev. Not long ago, the Tiger Lords had tried to sac Fort Drelev, but were unsuccessful. They returned shortly after with a large mercenary force. Baron Drelev, unable to fight off this new force, decided to surrender.
The Tiger Lords and the mercenaries moved into the town, and Baron Drelev started working with them. Kisandra’s father, Lord Terrion Numesti, was once the Baron’s right hand man. He spoke out against this, and was imprisoned. Then an attack against Tatzlford was planned, and though she didn’t know why, she decided to volunteer so that she could possibly warn Taztlford.
Tatzlford prepared its defense, and the battle was fierce. Tiger Lords, mercenaries, and trolls all assaulted the town.
The attackers were defeated, however, with few casualties on Tatzlford’s side. Kirkwell, however, was the first killed.
After the fighting, Kisandra asked the group to help liberate Fort Drelev. She said that the people were scared, but not everyone could be trusted.



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