The Fall of Korjun

Deciding to pursue the Tiger Lords and their chief, Armag, the group departed Fort Drelev and headed north. In no condition to travel, let alone fight, Denea stayed behind. Eager to prove herself, and exact revenge for what the Tiger Lords had done to her town, Satinder went in her place.
Exploring the plains west of the Slough, Ram was able to track the barbarian’s movements. Following the tracks far to the north, the group found the Tiger Lord camp, nestled close to a cliff face. The group scouted the area, and found that there were only a dozen of the barbarians, as well as the captive women. They also found a cave entrance in the cliff face.
The group attacked at dusk the next day. The group rushed in, surprising the barbarians. The Tiger Lords fought back, but they were no match for the group. After a few seconds, however, a strange chanting was heard and two demons appeared, flanking Barok. Two women, dressed all in black, emerged from a tent. The battle then began to turn. Though the barbarians still were no match for the group, the women’s magic started to make up for it. The demon’s harried Barok and Nikolai, and the women used their magic to confuse and distract the others.
Then, one of them magically paralyzed Korjun, and one of the Tiger Lords took advantage of the opportunity. His axe nearly decapitated Korjun, and he fell, dead.
With the Tiger Lords nearly dead, the women, the Black Sisters of Gyronna, began to use their magic to confuse and befuddle the group. Ram and Nikolai couldn’t tell friend from foe. and the demons continued their assault.
Eventually, the group was able to kill the other priestess. After the battle, Barok ran up to Korjun’s body and teleported away.

The Death of Baron Drelev

After the Baron used the secret passage to escape, the group chased after him.
Fleeing into his mistresses bedchamber to rescue her, the Baron found himself near the balcony with the group close behind. His mistress, a young noble woman named Lady Quintessa, used a dimension door spell to travel down to the courtyard below. Dimitri summoned a celestial lion to pursue them, and Korjun and Ram jumped into the courtyard from the balcony. Barok used his magic to teleport down, while Nikolai stayed above to use his crossbow.
The Baron called for his giant’s to be released, and they flooded into the courtyard. The battle was pitched, but after some time, the giants and the Baron lay dead, and Lady Quintessa and the Baroness were captured.
In the aftermath, the town was liberated. The mercenaries were chased away (and many were killed by Satinder and her followers). Lord Numesti took control of the town, and began to establish order.
Lady Quintessa was interrogated, and after some threats and magic, it was revealed that she was in fact a spy, sent from Daggermark. She informed the group that she was sent to investigate Pitax’s relationship with Fort Drelev, and that she was no threat to Freehold. The group allowed her to leave, and she used magic to teleport away.
The following day, Lord Numesti hanged the Baroness and two traitorous guards. With Fort Drelev safe and stable, the group decided to travel north, to find the Tiger Lords.

Attack on the Baron's Keep

With Satinder’s help, the group used the secret tunnel beneath Fort Drelev to enter the Baron’s keep. Denea, still with child, stayed behind to help coordinate the eventual arrival of Freehold’s soldiers.
The group, along with Dimitri, navigated the tunnels and emerged in the keep’s dungeon. Inside, they found Terion Numesti, rotting away in a cell. They rescued him, and he escaped back into the town.
They continued to explore the keep, using the secret passages to navigate between the floors. They came across the Baron’s brother-in-law, the strange wizard they had been warned about, in his bedchamber. Catching him unaware, they attacked. He attempted to use magic to escape, but Barok countered his magic and stopped him. He was quickly killed.
Shortly after, the group came across the Baroness and her hand maiden. Quickly subduing the Baroness, the group was able to question her handmaiden. She told the group where they can find the Baron, and they continued up the stairs to his bedchamber.
Sneaking up the stairs, the group prepared their magic to face the Baron. Dimitri opened the door, surprised to see the Baron waiting for him on the other side. He stabbed Dimitri, mortally wounding him. Barok used a powerful scroll to stop his soul from leaving his body, and the group went into the bedchamber to face the Baron.
His personal body guards were also ready, and the group had to fight through their gauntlet to reach the Baron, who was darting into and out of the fray. When several of his guards had fallen, Drelev opened a secret passage within his room to escape.

Arriving in Fort Drelev

The group arrived in Fort Drelev. The town looked like it had been described; half abandoned and crawling with soldiers.
The group made contact with Satinder Morne, a priestess of Calistria and the owner of the town’s brothel, the Velvet Corner. She gave the group a room to stay in, and told them of a secret passage into the castle.
The group learned that the Baroness is holding a birthday day party soon, and made plans to infiltrate the castle then.
Waiting a few days, they were able to see the giant “guards.” They seemed to be let out at dark to roam the streets.
Denea, at this point clearly pregnant, was convinced to stay behind to meet the Freeholder soldiers that would be coming into the town. Dimitri volunteered to go in her place, and the group prepared for their infiltration…

Attack on Tatzlford

The winter was very quiet in Freehold. The spring came, and it time again for Founder’s Day. The people seemed enthusiastic this year, and citizens from all over Freehold came to Tusk for the celebrations.
But the quiet was not to last. Days after the celebrations, Korjun received word that Tatzlford was under imminent threat from an attack.
The group, along with Lady Alma, Roland, and two of her knights, rushed to Tatzlford. There, they were met by Tanner. He introduced them to Kisandra Numesti, a woman that was traveling with the attackers.
The attack, she explained, was coming from Fort Drelev. Not long ago, the Tiger Lords had tried to sac Fort Drelev, but were unsuccessful. They returned shortly after with a large mercenary force. Baron Drelev, unable to fight off this new force, decided to surrender.
The Tiger Lords and the mercenaries moved into the town, and Baron Drelev started working with them. Kisandra’s father, Lord Terrion Numesti, was once the Baron’s right hand man. He spoke out against this, and was imprisoned. Then an attack against Tatzlford was planned, and though she didn’t know why, she decided to volunteer so that she could possibly warn Taztlford.
Tatzlford prepared its defense, and the battle was fierce. Tiger Lords, mercenaries, and trolls all assaulted the town.
The attackers were defeated, however, with few casualties on Tatzlford’s side. Kirkwell, however, was the first killed.
After the fighting, Kisandra asked the group to help liberate Fort Drelev. She said that the people were scared, but not everyone could be trusted.

The Butcher

Later in the winter, the group hired the Wild Ones to try to find the undead pirate known as the Butcher. It was rumored that he had come north, possibly it to Freehold.
After a few days, the Wild Ones sent word that they had indeed found them on the Sellen, at the southern border of Freedold.
Barok paid Yakob to assist in the battle, and the group quickly went south to destroy the vampire and his minions.
When they arrived, they saw two large river boats rigged to the shore, and eight fur-clad men building some sort of a structure. The group, with the Wild Ones, attacked. It seemed as if the Butcher was prepared for this, as his force responded almost immediately.
While the group fought the human servants, a vampiric hobgoblin emerged from one of the boats with a terrifying banner. He seemed to goad the men into a frenzy with a loud, rhythmic chant. From his boat, five armored men appeared, also enraged by his chant. From the water, ten corpses rose, each armed with a large axe. A hunched figure, likely the priestess of Hanspur the group had been warned about, appeared in the other boat and summoned a water elemental to defend her. She then took on a ghostly aspect and began to use magic against the group. Finally, the Butcher himself came to watch the carnage. A huge vampiric half-Orc, he was clad in darkwood armor and wielded a wicked, curved axe.
The battle was brutal. The Butcher’s servants were frenzied, and fought even after they should have fallen. Yakob and Zeljka waded into the fray together, trying to defeat the armored men. Korjun and Ram, who had used magic to grow to giant size, began to annihilate the undead warriors. Barok and Mira stayed back, using their magic to heal their allies. Nikolai, staying near the rear of the fight, tried to shoot his bombs at the vampires and the priestess. The Butcher threw a fireball into the middle of the melee, which would have killed Mira, had Barok not used powerful hearing magic just in time to save her. Denea, seeing an opportunity, rushed in past the defenders to get to the Butcher himself. She danced away from his counter attack, only to be frozen in place by the priestess, who had retreated underwater. Seemingly uninterested in a defenseless for, the Butcher ignored Denea and charged into the heart of the combat, first going after Nikolai.
Nikolai retreated back as Denea, now free of the magic rushed in again. The two fought, and Denea, wounded, stepped back. The Butcher was frenzied, swinging his axe at anything that moved. Mira was too close, and was beheaded by the vampire. Korjun and Ram closed in, and the three fought. Meanwhile, Yakob, Zeljka and Ghost had pushed through the minions to take the fight to the hobgoblin. Nikolai was able to fill the priestess, and she sank into the water.
With most of the defenders dead, the group was able to focus on the Butcher. His axe nearly killedKorjun, but Barok used a powerful ray of searing light to turn the monster to ash. The Wild Ones were able to kill the hobgoblin as well, and it turned to ash.
With the battle over, the Wild Ones were distraught by the death of their friend.

The Mivonese Swordlords

The group met with King Ivoretti. He provided a large meal of eel pies (requested by Korjun). He seemed friendly and open, and wanted to establish good relations between Pitax and Freehold.
During the meeting, there was a disturbance from outside the camp. A group of Mivonese, led by Gaspar Tellick, were insulting and goading Denea. Tellick, a Swordlord, had heard about Denea and wanted to challenge her to a fight. As the group came out, Ram and Ivoretti started to feel weak, apparently from poison. They were both given antitoxins, but Ivoretti seemed seriously weakened.
The group came out and met them, and the two dueled. It was a difficult fight for both sides, as the two seemed evenly matched. Denea turned invisible, which Tellick seemed to take as her conceding. The Mivonese seemed pleased, until Denea reappeared a moment later. This angered the Mivonese, and the entire group attacked.
When the dust settled, all of the Mivonese were killed, including Tellick. The group then used magic to return to Tusk.
Dimitri was very concerned about the situation, telling the group that he thought the entire thing was very suspicious. No one knew that they would be in Pitax’s camp, and either result of the fight benefitted Ivoretti. The group took his concerns under advisement, but weren’t completely convinced in his theory.

The Outlaw Council

The group dealt with the refugees, integrating them into Tusk.
Arrangements were made for the trip to Daggermark, and the group began their journey. Heading west along the South Rostland Road, the group then took the river south from Deadbridge.
Upon arriving in Daggermark, the group found a small inn in which to lie low. One night, while discussing their plans, a masked assassin attempted to strike Korjun from behind. His dagger couldn’t penetrate Korjun‘s armor, and the group attacked him. The assassin gravely wounded Denea and Ram, poisoning both. The group killed the assassin, and treated the poison. The inn’s patrons looked the other way, and shortly after the attack, agents of the Assassin’s Guild came to take the body away.
A few days later, the group attended the Outlaw Council.
The leaders of Daggermark, Pitax, Mivon, Gralton, Lambreth, the Protectorate of the Black Marquis, Sevenarches, Tymon, and Uringen. The leaders bickered and argued, accomplishing nothing.
The only important thing that was discussed was the undead pirate called “”/characters/the-butcher" class=“wiki-content-link”>The Butcher." After ravaging southern Mivon, it seemed like it traveled north, towards Freehold. Korjun agreed to deal with it, which seemed to have been met with the approval of the leaders of Tymon, Uringen, and Gralton.
After the meeting, King Ivoretti of Pitax invited the leaders of Freehold to discuss trade relations. They agreed to meet at sundown that night.

The Azlanti Gate

A few months had passed since the defeat of Vordekai. The group returned to Tusk and found things moving along without much incident.
Lady Valinet, the merchant originally from Galt, came to settle in Tusk. She proposed a joint effort to establish a successful waterfront in Tusk, with the promise of sole rights to shipping. Though the group was initially hesitant, they did agree to the arrangement for two years. Construction was started, and in a few months the waterfront was completed, ready for business.
With things in Tusk in order, the group went out to explore the Kamelands and the Tors of Levenies. In the mountains, they found a group of ettercaps that set traps for travelers, they were attacked by a wyvern, and they found a roc nest.
On the way back through the Kamelands, the group found a strange marble disk, carved with runes. Nearby, they unearthed a chest that contained a note, journal, and strange amulet.
The note, which was written by Rumani the Scholar, explained that he had found what he originally thought was an Azlanti temple. It was in fact a gate to a demiplane, made by an Azlanti scholar to house her library. The journal described the ritual used to open it, which had apparently taken him years to figure out.
Returning to Tusk, the group discovered a large group of refugees from the south had come to Freehold for safety. This had apparently caused chaos in Tusk, leaving the group to sort out the mess.

Deeper into Vordakai's Tomb

After the group fought the strange fiend, they continued their search. They first came across a crypt guarded by spirits. After defeating them, they searched the area and found a secret passage to a small room covered in paintings of eyes. At the end of the room was a relief of a large eye, with an indentation in the pupil. Barok determined it was extremely powerful magic, connected to something else.
Continuing their search, they found a large cavern filled with boiling tar and noxious fumes. Standing guard was a human, or something that was once human. It used magic to fly to the ceiling, and cast spells at the group. They were eventually able to bring it down using magic of their own.
The pit proved difficult to pass, and the group was already exhausted, so they decided to rest. They found a defensible position and waited until the next morning. When they broke their camp, Korjun felt a presence watching them. Though destroying the eye relief was discussed earlier, Korjun again suggested that it be done. A voice came to him, encouraging him to do it. The group went back to the chamber, and despite (or because of?) the voice, Korjun smashed the wall.
Minutes later, Vordakai came.
A dried, emaciated undead cyclops, a red gem where it’s eye should be, teleported into the room. It attacked immediately, using magic to weaken the group. It then manipulated Denea, causing her to killXamanthe and attack Korjun and Ram.
Barok used a silence spell, which made it impossible for the lich to use magic. Even still, the battle was difficult. Their weapons had little effect on the cyclops, and it could still manipulate negative energy to weaken and paralyze the group. Despite this, they were able to destroy it.
Exhausted and horrified, the group rested again.
To cross the boiling tar, Barok created a bridge with stone shape. The group next found a huge hall, apparently once used for meetings or feasts. It was full of dead bodies, their brains removed from their skulls. Four more of the undead cyclopes stood guard, and the group destroyed them quickly.
Continuing on, the group found a chamber with a sulfur spring, with a channel that ran beneath a nearby door. When the group approached the pool, a foul water elemental sprang up and attacked. It was a brutal opponent, nearly killing Korjun. It did succeed in breaking Nikolai’s neck and back, though Barok was ready with a potent spell that stopped his soul from leaving his body. The group did manage to destroy the beast. Following the channel of water, the group found Vordakai‘s chamber. It held a shrine to the Four Horsemen, a scrying pool with disemboweled humans, a throne made of giant’s bones, and his library of stone tablets. In addition, the group found hundreds of pounds of coins and valuables.
In an adjacent chamber, the group saw rows of clay jars. Barok used magic to determine that the jars were actually prisons. Korjun smashed them, and the surviving villagers of Varnhold appeared, along with Evril Pendrod, the scholar that came to help identify the “bracelet.”
The group managed to get the villagers safety out of the crypt, through the mountains, and into the valley below. They were quickly met by the Nomen, who had them wait while Aecora was summoned.
When Aecora arrived, Korjun explained what had happened to Xamanthe. The group gave her the body, as well as Xamanthe‘s magic weapon. Aecora seemed satisfied with Korjun’s story, and said that she understands how evil magic can control a person and cause them to do terrible things. She said that she was proud that her daughter died fighting, and she was grateful to the group for what they had done.
Nomen scouts escorted the group and the villagers out of Nomen territory, and they made it back to Varnhold safely.


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