The Heroes of Tusk

In the afternoon of 28 Gozran, 4712, the town of Tusk was attacked by a vicious owlbear. The people of the town acted quickly, and fought bravely to drive the beast away. The following people lost their lives that day:
Andrej, soldier, fell fighting the beast.
Red Piotr, soldier, fell fighting the beast.
Anatol Kadek, farmer and militiaman, fell fighting the beast.
Milos Tesar, builder and militiaman, fell fighting the beast.
Stefan Azen, fisherman and militiaman, fell fighting the beast.
Kas Beren, builder and militiaman, fell fighting the beast.
Janek Myska, marshal, fell fighting the beast.
Zan Hajek, smith, fell fighting the beast.
Jania Musil, wife to Mirran the cobbler, died when her house collapsed.
Ivie Musil, daughter to Mirran and Jania Musil, died when her house collapsed.
Albin, builder, died trying to rescue Jania and Ivie Musil.
Wava Dobrev, baker, was killed by the beast while trying to drag Kas Beren back to safety after he was wounded.
They will not be forgotten.
– as recorded by Dimitri Novosad

Hunting the Owlbear

The group had tracked the owlbear to it’s cave. Venturing inside, they found heaps of waste and various types of fungi. They were attack by strange mushrooms that could move, and whose tentacles were coated in extremely potent poison. Korjun, Ram, and Kesten were grievously wounded, their strength sapped. Instead of trying to push forward, the group retreated to tend to their wounds. At their camp, Korjun told Kesten that he would stay in the rear and use a bow, concerned about Kesten‘s apparently recklessly behavior. Kesten refused, and eventually a fist fight broke out. Kesten backed off, but resigned his post as Captain and left.
Still injured a down a man, the group decided to rest longer. Later that evening, Kesten returned. He said that he lost a few of his friends, and he wanted to see the beast dead.
The next morning, the group went back in. They encountered another plant monster, this one infested with centipedes.
After destroying the plant monster, the group found a small tunnel, clearly not big enough for the owlbear. It was trapped, and when the group went through it, the floor collapsed. Ram managed to hop to the other side, and found another way into the owlbear’s living chamber. The monster noticed them, and went around to try to kill them. The group anticipated it’s approach, and waited for it to try to squeeze through the entrance of it’s chamber. They trapped it there, and were able to kill it. When it was dead, they noticed that it had shredded barding. Further exploration of the cave revealed the rotting corpses of another owlbear, two cubs, and half a dozen men. Kesten reasoned that, judging by the quality of the arms and armor, they were most likely mercenaries. The group also found more of the strange flowers in the cave.
Returning to Tusk on Founder’s Day, the group received a hero’s welcome. Everyone celebrated, as the people knew that the beast that terrorized their town was dead.

The Owlbear Attack

Having defeated the troll lord, the group confronted the sleeping rock troll and killed it, as well. They then decided to return to Tatzlford.
Traveling through the Narlmarches, the group again came across the ancient elven keep, said to be haunted by evil fey.
Inside, the group found three fey. One was small and incredibly fast, but the group was able to kill it.
The second appeared to be a beautiful elven woman, and used trickery to try to get the group to turn on itself. She was killed as well. The last was a creature that hid amongst the plants, and it too was killed.
The group then made it back to Tatzlford to inform them that the trolls were gone. The group then left for Tusk.
Arriving at night, the group found Tusk in ruins. Several buildings were demolished, and Kesten was guiding survivors in looking for the wounded. He informed the group that it was a large owlbear, and that it had just left.
The group decided to leave immediately to track it down, and Kesten decided to go with them.

The Troll King's Lair

The group tracked the trolls to their lair, an ancient dwarven outpost. Sneaking into front, the group found two sleeping sentries. They rushed in and attacked, an quickly dispatched the trolls. The sound of fighting altered more, and two trolls, accompanied by an awful beast Korjun called a “trolldog,” rushed in. The group was able to defeat these trolls as well. They continued to search the outpost, and found a broken wall that led into a cave. Venturing in, they heard two trolls arguing down one tunnel and quiet down another. Going down the quiet tunnel, they found where the trolls sleep, as well as two trolls that were waiting for them. These trolls proved to be more difficult than the others, but the group did manage to bring them down. After the last one fell, the two trolls they had heard before made it to the barracks. To their horror, it wasn’t two trolls but a two headed troll, bigger and more menacing than the others. After a pitched battle, and several close calls, the beast was dead. Wounded and exhausted, the group decided to push on. They found what must be the cellar; a cavern stacked with bodies. Inside, hiding amongst stalagmites, was a sleeping rock troll. Deciding to leave it be, the group continued to explore the caves. They at last came upon a large cave in which a very large troll, armored and with a large club, slept on a huge throne carved from a tree. Leaving to discuss what to do, the group decided to use the element of surprise to kill the troll “king” in his sleep. The group rushed in, and although the troll woke when they began their assault, he was powerless against them. He was able to only stand to fight before he was cut down.

Trolls in the Narlmarches

After defeating the creature in the barrow, the group returned to Tusk. When they arrived, they learned that a messenger had been sent from Tatzlford requesting their aid. Korjun also found an anonymous message nailed to the inside of his door, asking to meet.
The group went to the shore at midnight, as the note stated, and meet with the"ghost" from Vanya‘s hut. Ghost, as he is called, was a hoarse voiced elf that used magic to conceal himself. When it was clear that his magic wasn’t enough, he revealed himself, but was still concealed by his clothes and the dark.
Ghost was belligerent and very unfriendly. He stated that he was tasked by Vanya to inform the group that the trolls are on the move, and that she feels that something is coming. He revealed that both Vanya and Yakob have “wild blood.” He also asked if the group had seen any of the strange flowers.
In addition, he had a personal request. He wanted to know why the elves, and specifically Tessara, their leader, had come to Freehold. He gave the group advice on fighting the trolls (which did not turn out to be terribly helpful) in return.
The next morning, the group left for Tatzlford. They didn’t receive a very warm welcome from Kirkwell, the guardian of the town. They learned that five of the townsfolk, hunters and trappers, had gone missing in the past week. Kirkwell found troll tracks in the woods just south of the town. Jhod had come to the town to help protect it, but even then Taztlford wouldn’t be able to withstand an attack. The group set out the next morning to track down the trolls.
Ram was able to find the tracks that Kirkwell had seen, and followed them through the southern Narlmarches. The tracks wandered and doubled back several times, showing that the trolls were not very bright and had to use landmarks to guide them.
While following the tracks, the group came across a strange clearing, littered with animal (and some humanoid) corpses. While investigating, they were attack by a huge tree monster. It’s branches were razor sharp, and several of the group suffered serious wounds. After a pitched battle, they were able to bring the beast down. While searching the clearing, Ram and Nikolai found more strange flowers that turned to dust when pulled from the earth.
Continuing to follow the tracks, the group saw a keep in the south west. They were warned about this place by Ghost. He told them that it is an ancient elven ruin that has been taken by a group of murderous fey. The group gave this place a wide berth, and were not harassed by it’s inhabitants.
As the days went by, the group had been gaining ground on the trolls. Finally, in the far south, they found them. The trolls attacked on site, roaring and demolishing the woods to get the group. After a difficult and bloody battle, the trolls were dead, and the group was seriously injured.
The group rested and tended to their injuries, knowing that the trolls’ den must be close by…..

The Bell Witch and the Lonely Barrow

With the agreed upon year having ended, the council voted to dissolve itself and appoint Korjun the sole ruler (though not without discussion and dissent).
The group then decided to go off to the south and further explore the areas around the Tuskwater and Candlemere.
While doing so, they encountered a particularly large and aggressive turtle and a strange fungus monster the size of a large tree. Both were dispatched, though not without a fight. The group then decided to finally confront the Bell Witch. When they arrived, they found that she was not alone. Her grandson, an intense and intimidating Kellid, spoke on her behalf. After some tense dialogue, he finally agreed to let them speak to his grandmother. Barok used his divine magic to sense the presence of evil, and found none. Meanwhile, Korjun noticed a strange shimmering figure in the brush near Yakob, the grandson. It was humanoid, but looked almost like it was made of water. No one else seemed to notice. Yakob and Vanya (the witch) conferred in Hallit, which Denea later translated for the group. The younger Kellid asked if they should trust the group, to which the old woman responded that “”/characters/ghost" class=“wiki-content-link”>Ghost had been watching them, and found nothing wrong."
The group told them about the troll sightings, and Yakob told them about lizard folk in the southern Narlmarches. He said that they are not a threat, but wish to be left alone. Vanya then told them about the will’o’wisps that haunt Candlemere.
Venturing further east, into the Kamelands, the group found an ancient barrow. Inside was a trap that stole the breath from Korjun and Barok, as well as a dozen restless dead warriors. The warrior the tomb was dedicated to awoke as well, and was much more formidable than his servants. The group was able to destroy him, and recovered a powerful magical sword.

Peace in the Greenbelt

A year has passed in Freehold. Settlers from Brevoy, as well as river folk displaced by bandits, have moved into the Stolen Lands. The river folk were distressed to find that there is no trace of their former homes.
The town of Tusk has grown, and is now the main center of trade in Freehold.
The council ruled successfully for nearly a year. Oleg was appointed the nation’s treasurer, and Svetlana the representative of the people.
Kesten and his boys left for Brevoy, but returned a few months later. They warned of growing trouble in Brevoy, and offered to help the growing nation defend itself. Kesten was appointed commander of the militia, and he and his boys have started to train the locals.
A young girl was killed by what turned out to be a werewolf. The group quickly tracked it down and killed it.
Denea reestablished the trading post, but then sold it to another settler. She returned with a man named Dimitri that she seems to be involved with.
The settlement of Tatzlford was founded in the Narlmarches. It is still very small, and is led by a small group of rangers. Though they have had little contact with Tusk, it has been friendly.
Pich received word that settlers in the Nomen Heights have established the town of Varnhold.
Before the Founding Day celebration, Denea moved to dissolve the council and appoint Korjun the sole ruler of Freehold….

The Birth of Freehold

Nikolai went to see Jhod, to ask him about the Stag Helm. Jhod wanted to buy it from him, but Nikolai turned him down.
Korjun sought out Bokken, and told him about the bandits. Bokken didn’t seem to care either way, and agreed to sell his wares again.
With the influx of supplies and settlers, the small nation of Freehold was founded. The capital city, Tusk, was started near the Stag Lord‘s old fort. Now Fort Tusk, it was restored to provide defense for the small settlement.
The group established a ruling council, with Oleg acting as the treasurer for the small nation. Kesten and the boys stayed behind at the trading post, though apparently left after several weeks.
After a month and a half, the group grew restless and set out to explore south of the Tuskwater. They discovered another river, more of the Narlmarches, and another lake. The second lake had a small island near the middle, with a ruined structure on it.
The group also came across a small hut in the marshes near the lake. It was surrounded by an overgrown garden and wooden fence. Denea rang the bell, and an old woman’s voice from inside curtly told them to leave. When Denea tried to walk into the garden, the woman claimed that she would kill them if they trespassed. She did eventually show herself; a small, elderly human woman. The group decided to leave her.
Venturing further south, the group found a giant knocking down trees, apparently looking for something. They attacked, and the giant defended itself with one of the fallen trees. The group killed it, and found a crude map in it’s bag (which was, in fact, a mostly hollowed out goat carcass). Though they were unable to read the map, it did seem to mark something in the southern Narlmarches.
That night, at camp, the group saw a strange, blue light on the island. It seemed to be emanating from nothing….

The Stag Lord

The group surprised the bandits at the fort. One of the lieutenants, a Nidalese armed with a rapier, faced off against Denea, while several of the bandits rallied around Korjun, thinking he was on their side. Ram and Nikolai were able to eliminate the sentries before they were able to provide any resistance. The man in the chainmail came out of his tent, observed what was happening, then started to join in against the other bandits.
During the carnage, a large man wielding a club came out of the building and rushed after Nikolai. Denea an Korjun came to his aid.
After the large man, the Stag Lord emerged. With single-minded, even suicidal, focus, he went after Nikolai. Ram, Korjun, and Denea were able to surround him and eventually bring him down.
After the battle, the man in the chainmail introduced himself as Aikiros. He said that he was with the Stag Lord willingly, but tired of them. He seemed to especially hate the Nidalese. The group let him go, and take something off of the Nidalese’s body. Before he left, Aikiros told the group about the Stag Lord‘s father, an old Druid that hid in the cellar.
The Druid ambushed the group, but they were able to defeat him.
The group then recovered the stolen goods the bandits stored in the camp and returned them to Oleg’s.
Upon returning, the group met withPich. He gave them their reward, and explained what the Swordlords asked of them next.
He informed them that the Greenbelt was theirs, and that Restov would help them start settlements there. A stable Greenbelt is good for Restov. Pich informed them that he would act as an ambassador, and help them in any way that he could.

The Temple of the Elk

After defeating the bandits, the group went back to Oleg‘s. They were able to return Svetlana’s ring, and give Oleg some more items to sell.
The group then went off to finish their exploration. Following the river, they were ambushed by three boggards. Dra’hnu was knocked unconscious and pulled into the river. The group was able to kill two of the creatures, but the last got away.
The group did not mourn Dra’hnu‘s death, and continued.
In the Narlmarches, the group found two tatzlwyrms nesting by the river. The group was able to defeat them easily.
Also in the forest, the group came across another boggard, apparently living in an ancient ruin. The group attacked it, and it and its slurk companion fell.
The group discovered the ancient temple of Erastil that Jhod had dreamed of. It was guarded by a large, very aggressive bear. When the creature was killed, it changed shape and appeared to be an old man. It aged quickly, and in minutes was dust.
The group then discovered a forgotten statue of Erastil, and a barbarian cairn, seemingly defaced.
After nearly three weeks in the wilderness, the group returned to Oleg’s. They were surprised to see that Radu Pich, the Swordlord’s emissary, waiting for them.
Pich congratulated them on their success, and wished to speak with them again when their contract was finished.
The group then left, heading south to find the Stag Lord. The fort was where Trapper told them it would be, and they made it in, disguised as bandits. After several minutes, Denea saw her chance, and the battle began….


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