Jamandi Aldori

First Sword of the Aldori Swordpact


(Female Human Fighter)
Jamandi is a half elven, half Taldan woman of indeterminable age. She is short, slender and athletic. Her hair is long and brown, with a noticeable streak of grey that she keeps in a bun. She has the sharp and attractive features of an elf, with human eyes. She has a large scar running down the right side of her face, from her hairline to her lip. She walks with confidence and grace, and wears simple and comfortable clothes. She always has her sword.
Jamandi is friendly and confident, but its clear that a dangerous rage lurks just beneath the surface.


Jamandi Aldori is the First Sword of Restov, and is the most skilled warrior of the Aldori Swordpact. Though her actual power isn’t clear, she does seem to wield considerable influence in Restov.
Jamandi was behind the original charters to explore and settle the Stolen Lands.

Jamandi Aldori

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