Igmar Thalen

Dwarven Scholar and Former Pathfinder


(Male Dwarf Rogue/Expert)
Igmar is an old and stocky dwarf. He is very broad, even for a dwarf, with dark skin and a long grey beard. His hands are knotty and arthritic, and his bones creak and pop when he moves around. He dresses in simple clothes, and doesn’t seem to give much thought to his appearance.
Igmar is straight forward and blunt. Though not necessarily rude, he doesn’t care much about etiquette or niceties.


Igmar is a scholar, and a former Pathfinder. He never really cut it as a field agent, and instead found work in the Society’s archives for decades. Now that he is retired, he has decided to travel around to study his interests.
He was traveling with the Knights of the Blue Rose, and decided to stay in Tusk when they arrived in Freehold. He has taken up residence in the Green Cat, and spends his days reading.

Igmar Thalen

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