Mad Elven Killer


(Male Elf Ranger)
Ghost is a tall and lanky elf, covered head to toe. He wears rough clothes made to survive in the wild, with a long dark cloak. He wears a featureless wooden mask, and carries handaxes on his belt.
He rarely speaks, but when he does, his voice is harsh and raspy. He is very abrasive and aggressive. He prefers to remain unseen, using magic and his skills to do so.


Ghost is one of the Wild Ones, and is a skilled woodsman, stalker, and scout. He is also mad, and barely keeps his wild impulses in check.
He is a murderer, and was exiled from his people. During this time, he was hideously disfigured and his ability to speak was damaged.
Despite his madness and aggression, the other Wild Ones consider him a friend. They have no illusions about him, but try to keep him away from other people to avoid trouble.
He was particularly distraught when Mira was killed.


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