Dimitri Novosad

Bard and Secret Spymaster of Freehold


(CG Male Human Bard)
Dimitri is a Riverfolk of average height and build. he has short black hair and a well trimmed beard. He is very attractive, and wears simple yet well made clothes.
Dimitri is very friendly and personable, and makes an effort of learning and remembering details about other people.


Dimitri is a bard, originally from Pitax. At first, he just seemed to be a talented lute player and singer. He quickly fell in love with Denea, and the two began to work closely together.
After some time, it became clear that Dimitri was not just a simple performer. He had been trained in Pitax to become a spy, and had been working on behalf of Freehold.
Dimitri is very knowledgeable, and is an expert at intrigue and manipulation. He performs his duties in secret, preferring to maintain the illusion that he is only a simple musician.
Dimitiri married Denea in Gozreh, 4714.

Dimitri Novosad

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