Deeper into Vordakai's Tomb

After the group fought the strange fiend, they continued their search. They first came across a crypt guarded by spirits. After defeating them, they searched the area and found a secret passage to a small room covered in paintings of eyes. At the end of the room was a relief of a large eye, with an indentation in the pupil. Barok determined it was extremely powerful magic, connected to something else.
Continuing their search, they found a large cavern filled with boiling tar and noxious fumes. Standing guard was a human, or something that was once human. It used magic to fly to the ceiling, and cast spells at the group. They were eventually able to bring it down using magic of their own.
The pit proved difficult to pass, and the group was already exhausted, so they decided to rest. They found a defensible position and waited until the next morning. When they broke their camp, Korjun felt a presence watching them. Though destroying the eye relief was discussed earlier, Korjun again suggested that it be done. A voice came to him, encouraging him to do it. The group went back to the chamber, and despite (or because of?) the voice, Korjun smashed the wall.
Minutes later, Vordakai came.
A dried, emaciated undead cyclops, a red gem where it’s eye should be, teleported into the room. It attacked immediately, using magic to weaken the group. It then manipulated Denea, causing her to killXamanthe and attack Korjun and Ram.
Barok used a silence spell, which made it impossible for the lich to use magic. Even still, the battle was difficult. Their weapons had little effect on the cyclops, and it could still manipulate negative energy to weaken and paralyze the group. Despite this, they were able to destroy it.
Exhausted and horrified, the group rested again.
To cross the boiling tar, Barok created a bridge with stone shape. The group next found a huge hall, apparently once used for meetings or feasts. It was full of dead bodies, their brains removed from their skulls. Four more of the undead cyclopes stood guard, and the group destroyed them quickly.
Continuing on, the group found a chamber with a sulfur spring, with a channel that ran beneath a nearby door. When the group approached the pool, a foul water elemental sprang up and attacked. It was a brutal opponent, nearly killing Korjun. It did succeed in breaking Nikolai’s neck and back, though Barok was ready with a potent spell that stopped his soul from leaving his body. The group did manage to destroy the beast. Following the channel of water, the group found Vordakai‘s chamber. It held a shrine to the Four Horsemen, a scrying pool with disemboweled humans, a throne made of giant’s bones, and his library of stone tablets. In addition, the group found hundreds of pounds of coins and valuables.
In an adjacent chamber, the group saw rows of clay jars. Barok used magic to determine that the jars were actually prisons. Korjun smashed them, and the surviving villagers of Varnhold appeared, along with Evril Pendrod, the scholar that came to help identify the “bracelet.”
The group managed to get the villagers safety out of the crypt, through the mountains, and into the valley below. They were quickly met by the Nomen, who had them wait while Aecora was summoned.
When Aecora arrived, Korjun explained what had happened to Xamanthe. The group gave her the body, as well as Xamanthe‘s magic weapon. Aecora seemed satisfied with Korjun’s story, and said that she understands how evil magic can control a person and cause them to do terrible things. She said that she was proud that her daughter died fighting, and she was grateful to the group for what they had done.
Nomen scouts escorted the group and the villagers out of Nomen territory, and they made it back to Varnhold safely.



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