The Mivonese Swordlords

The group met with King Ivoretti. He provided a large meal of eel pies (requested by Korjun). He seemed friendly and open, and wanted to establish good relations between Pitax and Freehold.
During the meeting, there was a disturbance from outside the camp. A group of Mivonese, led by Gaspar Tellick, were insulting and goading Denea. Tellick, a Swordlord, had heard about Denea and wanted to challenge her to a fight. As the group came out, Ram and Ivoretti started to feel weak, apparently from poison. They were both given antitoxins, but Ivoretti seemed seriously weakened.
The group came out and met them, and the two dueled. It was a difficult fight for both sides, as the two seemed evenly matched. Denea turned invisible, which Tellick seemed to take as her conceding. The Mivonese seemed pleased, until Denea reappeared a moment later. This angered the Mivonese, and the entire group attacked.
When the dust settled, all of the Mivonese were killed, including Tellick. The group then used magic to return to Tusk.
Dimitri was very concerned about the situation, telling the group that he thought the entire thing was very suspicious. No one knew that they would be in Pitax’s camp, and either result of the fight benefitted Ivoretti. The group took his concerns under advisement, but weren’t completely convinced in his theory.



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