The Butcher

Later in the winter, the group hired the Wild Ones to try to find the undead pirate known as the Butcher. It was rumored that he had come north, possibly it to Freehold.
After a few days, the Wild Ones sent word that they had indeed found them on the Sellen, at the southern border of Freedold.
Barok paid Yakob to assist in the battle, and the group quickly went south to destroy the vampire and his minions.
When they arrived, they saw two large river boats rigged to the shore, and eight fur-clad men building some sort of a structure. The group, with the Wild Ones, attacked. It seemed as if the Butcher was prepared for this, as his force responded almost immediately.
While the group fought the human servants, a vampiric hobgoblin emerged from one of the boats with a terrifying banner. He seemed to goad the men into a frenzy with a loud, rhythmic chant. From his boat, five armored men appeared, also enraged by his chant. From the water, ten corpses rose, each armed with a large axe. A hunched figure, likely the priestess of Hanspur the group had been warned about, appeared in the other boat and summoned a water elemental to defend her. She then took on a ghostly aspect and began to use magic against the group. Finally, the Butcher himself came to watch the carnage. A huge vampiric half-Orc, he was clad in darkwood armor and wielded a wicked, curved axe.
The battle was brutal. The Butcher’s servants were frenzied, and fought even after they should have fallen. Yakob and Zeljka waded into the fray together, trying to defeat the armored men. Korjun and Ram, who had used magic to grow to giant size, began to annihilate the undead warriors. Barok and Mira stayed back, using their magic to heal their allies. Nikolai, staying near the rear of the fight, tried to shoot his bombs at the vampires and the priestess. The Butcher threw a fireball into the middle of the melee, which would have killed Mira, had Barok not used powerful hearing magic just in time to save her. Denea, seeing an opportunity, rushed in past the defenders to get to the Butcher himself. She danced away from his counter attack, only to be frozen in place by the priestess, who had retreated underwater. Seemingly uninterested in a defenseless for, the Butcher ignored Denea and charged into the heart of the combat, first going after Nikolai.
Nikolai retreated back as Denea, now free of the magic rushed in again. The two fought, and Denea, wounded, stepped back. The Butcher was frenzied, swinging his axe at anything that moved. Mira was too close, and was beheaded by the vampire. Korjun and Ram closed in, and the three fought. Meanwhile, Yakob, Zeljka and Ghost had pushed through the minions to take the fight to the hobgoblin. Nikolai was able to fill the priestess, and she sank into the water.
With most of the defenders dead, the group was able to focus on the Butcher. His axe nearly killedKorjun, but Barok used a powerful ray of searing light to turn the monster to ash. The Wild Ones were able to kill the hobgoblin as well, and it turned to ash.
With the battle over, the Wild Ones were distraught by the death of their friend.



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