The Azlanti Gate

A few months had passed since the defeat of Vordekai. The group returned to Tusk and found things moving along without much incident.
Lady Valinet, the merchant originally from Galt, came to settle in Tusk. She proposed a joint effort to establish a successful waterfront in Tusk, with the promise of sole rights to shipping. Though the group was initially hesitant, they did agree to the arrangement for two years. Construction was started, and in a few months the waterfront was completed, ready for business.
With things in Tusk in order, the group went out to explore the Kamelands and the Tors of Levenies. In the mountains, they found a group of ettercaps that set traps for travelers, they were attacked by a wyvern, and they found a roc nest.
On the way back through the Kamelands, the group found a strange marble disk, carved with runes. Nearby, they unearthed a chest that contained a note, journal, and strange amulet.
The note, which was written by Rumani the Scholar, explained that he had found what he originally thought was an Azlanti temple. It was in fact a gate to a demiplane, made by an Azlanti scholar to house her library. The journal described the ritual used to open it, which had apparently taken him years to figure out.
Returning to Tusk, the group discovered a large group of refugees from the south had come to Freehold for safety. This had apparently caused chaos in Tusk, leaving the group to sort out the mess.


This is awesome, filling in a lot of gaps, tag +1!

The Azlanti Gate

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